I’m Not An Expert

JD // Architect of Hope
2 min readAug 21, 2022

When I began writing and being more open about not only my struggles with mental illness but also how we define mental illness, I knew that the most important place to start was with a story.

From that story, the next logical step would be a community. As bringing people together and amplifying each others stories only supports the advancement of healing from what challenges us in our minds and with our emotions.

Telling my story here and sharing helping to tell others stories while cathartic, also feels like I’m speaking into a void, and mental illness deserves better than that.

So I built a community to connect us all, Fragile Moments to be exact. And I want to welcome all of you beautiful followers here to that community with open arms.

Join the Fragile Moments Community HERE.

What you will receive isn’t advice from a licensed therapist. I won’t change your life, give you useful productivity ‘hacks’, or mention James Clear.

I won’t send you those annoying curation emails of three things I found of other people’s things to help you with your thing. I won’t tell you to drink more water, get more sleep, or have more meaningful relationships.

I will write things, and email them to you.

They’ll frequently be about this weird obsession we now all have with self-improvement. They’ll frequently be about why I think taking care of your mental health is important and what being educated properly about mental illness means.

Over the coming days I will shift away from Medium and solely write and share with others in the Fragile Moments community.

Until then though, welcome. Thanks for trusting me with your story.



JD // Architect of Hope

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